Norman Oliver has 27 years experience in managing non-profit organizations for At-Risk Youth. Mr. Oliver has extended experience in the field of Leadership Building, Community Enhancement, and Urban Development.  He remains committed to the cause of building the Southbridge Neighborhood. For 20 years Mr. Oliver developed and operated the “Stormin’s Classic” Basketball League, from 1980 until 2000. He started it in Southbridge with 54 boys in the neighborhood and by year 2000 he had over two thousand participants state wide boys and girls ages 9-18. Through this organization Our Youth, Inc. was born.

Our Youth, Inc. is a TEACHING, TRAINING, &  EMPOWERING center for  “at-risk” youth.  A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Wilmington, Delaware incorporated in 2001.  The serviced neighborhood has a population of 1,658 and is currently experiencing economic turmoil, crime, & poverty. The Mission of Our Youth, Inc. is: To manifest the neglected children in this area into productive, contributing, well adjusted young adults with a life-long outlook resulting in value added success for themselves and the community. Our Youth, Inc. Programs include: In-School SES Services, The Homework Club After School Program, The Life Prep. Program, and Community Collaborations. Meals are served to each participant daily Mon. – Fri. These programs assist in decreasing hunger, illiteracy, and unemployment with a special emphasis on younger at-risk youth.

Our Youth, Inc. currently has a volunteer professional staff each bringing a diversified collection of education and community based skills to our programs. We welcome you to join us in our mission to invest in the lives of the children who live in Southbridge area.  Please contact us to participate. Your ideas, time, and donations are needed and appreciated. 302-655-8250

The Mission of OYI Training and Development Center is to support and energize each student's desire for prosperous careers and quality lives. Through implementation of education enhancement, training, soft skills, responsibility, and self-discipline, we will realize this mission in each our students.  It is our goal to teach them the necessary disciplines and tools for mental, social, emotional, & economic prowess.  Each student is already a success and has the innate ability to live a prosperous and fulfilled life resulting into a value-add individual in the community of Wilmington, DE and abroad.
Our Vision is to see the youth of Wilmington OBTAIN & MAINTAIN lucrative jobs, quality lives, a good education,  and responsibility to themselves and others. Our Youth, inc. is the connecting bridge dedicated to the wholeness of each child. 

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